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Chicken Run Road Rush Hour


Chicken Run: Road Rush Hour
This is an addict game about chicken series. He is a good chicken, who want to help kids cross the road in rush hour to go to school on time.
But traffic is very bad, no driver stop to let them go.
You with your "tappy" finger will help those little chickens pass the road. Try to control chicken simply by tapping, avoid vehicles and sometime boom also !!.
While running, you may got some good item drop from the sky (maybe jeus want to help them too) to boost up.
This game is simple and hard enough to challenge you with cute graphic and amazing sound.

So many fun waiting for you!

"We try to create a game that use simple color, simple shape and friendly with kid so that player can feel peace, relax"
That is it, solid color and charming graphic will take you out of headache and stress.
Let's run! chicken
P/s: hope this endless hopper game will help you relax and feel fun!
> charming graphic
> cute animation
> unique color
> addict game style
> easy to play